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  4. 9(116)'2013
  5. Calculation of lemniscate sine and cosine values

Calculation of lemniscate sine and cosine values

V.Iu. Dubnytskyi, L.D. Filatova
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Description: A procedure was proposed for calculation of lemniscate sine and lemniscate cosine values based on presentation of values of those functions in the form of relation of power series of those functions converging under all values of first-type elliptic integral. Brief biographic data specified on developers of elliptic function calculation methods.

Keywords: generalized sine, elliptic integrals, Jacobian elliptic functions, lemniscata, lemniscate sine, lemniscate cosine, history of mathematics, S.Yu. Sikorsky, A.M. Zhuravsky

 Dubnytskyi, V.Yu. and Fylatova, L.D. (2013), “Vыchyslenye znachenyi lemnyskatycheskykh synusov y kosynusov” [Calculation of lemniscate sine and cosine values], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 9(116), pp. 117-121.