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  4. 9(125)'2014
  5. Computer vision system for froth flotation based on centroid

Computer vision system for froth flotation based on centroid

 Al-Janabi Aqeel Bahp Tarkhan
Системи обробки інформації. — 2014. — № 9(125). С. 3-5.
UDK 4.932
Article language: english
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Annotation: A lot of classic research talked about the process of controlling the flotation process. Using classical mathematical methods, for example, find the edge detection and measure the size, color and speed of the bubbles in the froth. However, not been touched to take the signature of the froth as one part. Through systems which can control state to decide the kinetic and making the right decision to correct processing of the flotation, or judgment on the course of its progress, if they are. Therefore, this research proposes and discusses the possibility of finding this signature, by measuring the deviation at the mass center of a series of successive images, for one minute at a rate of scene per 2 seconds of time(30 scene/minute), from the point of origin of the scene (Image). Introduced signature on an expert system has been pre-instruction, we can see the status of the entire the processing and perpetuate the results of the control system is responsible for the operation.

Keywords: computer vision, Image signature flotation control, image processing, flotation
Information about the authors of publication:
Al-Janabi Aqeel Bahp Tarkhan, (2014), Computer vision system for froth flotation based on centroid, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 9(125), pp. 3-5.