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  4. 5(130)'2015
  5. Geoinformation modeling of regional tourism sphere

Geoinformation modeling of regional tourism sphere

I.A. Mikheev, V.V. Noskova, A.Y. Chudakolov
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Description: Analyzed information portals on tourism and on-line system geoinformation modeling. The main requirements, software and technology to create a geographic information system of tourist sphere of the Kharkov region. The developed model of geographic information system in the form of web-applications.

Keywords: GIS, mapping services, database, tourist facilities

 Mikhieiev, I.A., Noskova, V.V. and Chudakolov, A.Yu. (2015), “Heoinformatsiine modeliuvannia rehionalnoi sfery turyzmu” [Geoinformation modeling of regional tourism sphere], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(130), pp. 74-77.

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