Network management system of multiservice network

 Ye. Duravkin, L. Demchenko, S. Soboleva
Системи обробки інформації. — 2015. — № 10(135). С. 90-96.
UDK 621.372
Article language: english
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Annotation: Significant increasing of number and diversity of provided services in multiservice networks, as well as permanent increasing of user requirements for a quality of service, leads to the need of developing new management methods of multiservice networks. This article is aimed to solve this problem by improving the structure of the network management system and management algorithm of user requests in multiservice network. Also to improve availability of services the dynamic replication method, which has been modified in accordance with the characteristics of the proposed structure of the network management system, has been proposed.

Keywords: multiservice network, network management system, availability, SOA, dynamic replication method, ensuring of data consistency
Duravkin, Ye.V., Demchenko, L.V. and Soboleva, S.A. (2015), Network management system of multiservice network, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 10(135), pp. 90-96.

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