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  4. 10(135)'2015
  5. General theory of measuring as basis of expert evaluation

General theory of measuring as basis of expert evaluation

О.V. Degtyaryov, V.V. Dubrovina, V.Ye. Kozlov, Yu.V. Kozlov
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Description: Going near application of positions of general theory of measuring is considered at an expert evaluation in any sphere of human activity, that envisages the use scientific, methodical, organizational, technical and legal bases of the metrology providing of measuring for the receipt of values of quantitative indexes. Realization of the considered positions distribution of requirements of law can provide on metrology and metrology activity on all industries of application, where decision is made on the basis of the expert measuring, and also improvement of scientific, methodical and organizational principles of measuring procedures.

Keywords: theory of measuring, qualimetry, expert evaluation

 Dehtiarov, O.V., Dubrovina, V.V., Kozlov, V.Ye. and Kozlov, Yu.V. (2015), “Zahalna teoriia vymiriuvan yak osnova ekspertnoho otsiniuvannia” [General theory of measuring as basis of expert evaluation], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 10(135), pp. 178-181.