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  4. 9(134)'2015
  5. Removing the precedent with mining technology processes

Removing the precedent with mining technology processes

S.F. Сhalyi, I.B. Bytsukina
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Description: The questions of representation and retrieval of cases for process management tasks. The possibility of building precedents based on log analysis processes by means of process mining. The possibility of a situational representation of knowledge about the processes. A method of constructing precedent for the problems of process management, based on an analysis of selected subsets of logs. Selecting subsets is subject to restrictions on the subject, object of the process, as well as on the specifics of the subject area. The first two constraints allow the present process as a set of situations, each of which is connected with solving the problem of the application. Restrictions on domain allow to allocate specialized and generalized form precedents and their hierarchy. The resulting hierarchical structure n generalized precedent reflects all possible solutions to the problem, and specialized - individual solutions to specific to the subject area.

Keywords: precedent, a conclusion based on precedents, processes, mining process, limitations

 Chalыi, S.F. and Butsukyna, Y.B. (2015), “Yzvlechenye pretsedentov s yspolzovanyem tekhnolohyy yntellektualnoho analyza protsessov” [Removing the precedent with mining technology processes], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 9(134), pp. 79-82.