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  4. 9(134)'2015
  5. Economic evaluation of forming the jointless panels

Economic evaluation of forming the jointless panels

V.Т. Sikulskyy, L.М. Kornilov, V.V Voronko, V.Yu. Kascheeva
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Description: It is given the approach to evaluation of the economic effectiveness for forming the jointless panels from wrought light alloys. In the given case the economic effect is gained at the expense of compounds constructions due to reduction of joints quantity. It is performed the evaluation of technological elements prime costs in the example of obtaining bicurvature panels by the method of middle zones extension and perimeter zone fit. The described sequence of calculations, calculation techniques aggregates, connected with method features (list of equipment, facilities) is one of variants evaluation methods of costs at panels forming. Economic efficiency is calculated as absolute cost cutting for an aircraft in production and for the entire period of operation. Such cost cutting is realized at the expense of mass reduction of any compounds in the aircraft towards the mass changes of the entire aircraft.

Keywords: economic efficiency, aircraft, forming, jointless panels, method of middle zones extension, manual finishing works

 Sykulskyi, V.T., Kornylov, L.N., Voronko, V.V. and Kashcheeva, V.Yu. (2015), “Эkonomycheskaia otsenka protsessa formoobrazovanyia monolytnыkh panelei” [Economic evaluation of forming the jointless panels], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 9(134), pp. 154-160.