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  5. Analysis of radar detection of small air targets

Analysis of radar detection of small air targets

V.A. Chepurnyi, V.I. Albert, A.V. Serdyuk, G.V. Khudov
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Description: In modern conditions relevant for defense is to solve the problem of detecting low-altitude-air objects. The paper highlights the main requirements for the radar systems of detection of small air targets, the analysis of the characteristics of some types of radar systems and the basic principles of their work.

Keywords: analyze, radar system, small-size air targets, low-altitude air object, phased array antenna, radar alternative

 Chepurnyi, V.A., Albert, V.Y., Serdiuk, O.V. and Khudov, H.V. (2016), “Analiz radiolokatsiinykh system vyiavlennia malorozmirnykh povitrianykh obiektiv” [Analysis of radar detection of small air targets], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 1(138), pp. 53-57.