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  5. Emergency control in power systems for deep stress reduction

Emergency control in power systems for deep stress reduction

I.V. Panteleeva, N.M. Shmatko., N.I. Gorbenko.
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Description: We analyzed the existing device protivoavaryterm automation power systems, identifies their strengths and weaknesses. Particular attention is paid to management in energy systems at lower voltage, which are caused by lack of reactive power, which can lead to a breach of the stability of parallel operation of generators. We formulate a contemporary approach to the subsystem automatically restrictionstion to reduce stress. It is shown that the main units of the load energy systems must be identified to the maximum possible deficitstsitov reactive power to determine the dosage of Governors to assess the impact of automation.

Keywords: power system emergency control, reduced voltagetion, stability, lack of reactive power, automatic limit voltage drop, power transmission lines

 Pantielieieva, I.V., Shmatko, N.M. and Horbenko, N.I. (2010), “Protyavariine keruvannia v enerhosystemakh pry hlybokykh znyzhenniakh napruhy”, Systems of Arms and Military Equipment, No. 1(21), pp. 228-231.