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Features study geoinformation system in the university

E.E. Pomortseva, L.O. Masliy, D.A. Kon’, M.V. Salnykov
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Description: The features of the study of information systems and technologies in higher education. The features of the areas of training disciplines. The sequence of study subjects and the relationship between them. The proposed recommendations will allow for more effective training of specialists in this department to use the knowledge already received methodological developments.

Keywords: geographic information systems, municipal geographic information system, city address registry, a database management system, geodatabase, the query language inquiry, leveling, total station, GPS-navigator

 Pomortseva, E.E., Maslyi, L.A., Kon, D.A. and Salnykov, M.V. (2016), “Osobennosty yzuchenyia heoynformatsyonnыkh system v vыsshei shkole” [Features study geoinformation system in the university], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(139), pp. 220-226.