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  4. 6(143)'2016
  5. Uncertainty problems in environmental monitoring procedures

Uncertainty problems in environmental monitoring procedures

I.S. Yeremeyev, A.O. Dychko
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Description: The problems and sources of uncertainty that occur during the implementation of environmental monitoring procedures of the environment are shown. The developed approach allows to define the dynamics of the "spots" of contamination. To identify the dynamics of the "spot" it is suggested the definition of Euclidean metrics characterizing the "distance" of the current state of the field defined by the state of the environment, which was observed during the previous monitoring session. This approach for solving problems of uncertainty of measurement is based on the method of metric evaluation and comparative analysis of data of "nearest neighbors". The approach has been tested in identifying the dynamics of "spots" of contamination in the Chernobyl zone, and has proved its effectiveness.

Keywords: sources of uncertainty, environmental monitoring, metrics, the method of "nearest neighbors"

 Eremeev, Y.S. and Dychko, A.O. (2016), “Problema neopredelennosty pry monytorynhe okruzhaiushchei sredы” [Uncertainty problems in environmental monitoring procedures], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 6(143), pp. 45-47.