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  5. Multi-agent modeling communication interactions in command post exercise

Multi-agent modeling communication interactions in command post exercise

O.Ye. Fedorovich, T.N. Nazarenko, A.K. Kajdalov
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Description: Conducted a study of communication interactions of participants Command Post Exercises (command post exercise) to build and refine the scenario of the exercise. For the implementation of adequate simulation used a modern method based on agent representation CPXs participants. The classification is conducted and the basic types of agents are selected for simulation. The internal structure of agents built using the knowledge-representation. The architecture of multi-agent model is developed. For the construction of model the JADE platform , which provides a graphical user interface and allows iterative modeling process, was used. The algorithms of the agents behavior, as well as the scheme of interaction between agents, are offered. The proposed model allows to investigate different scenarios for Command Post Exercises rational choice of participants and the organization of their interaction.

Keywords: command post exercises, multi-agent simulation, protocol of communication interaction, simulation model

 Fedorovych, O.E., Nazarenko, T.N. and Kaidalov, A.K. (2010), “Multyahentnoe modelyrovanye kommunykatsyonnыkh vzaymodeistvyi v komandno-shtabnыkh uchenyiakh”, Systems of Arms and Military Equipment, No. 4(24), pp. 241-246.