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  4. 5(151)'2017
  5. Hybrid security systems in information and transmission networks

Hybrid security systems in information and transmission networks

N. Borisova, L. Shabanova-Kushnarenko
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Description: In article the decentralized partially observed decision-making process of Markov (DEC-POMDP) two various methods of a solution are considered completely distributed circuit of hybrid safety with use of the IDS and Honeypot technologies which is not necessary on the centralized controler that does the scheme of the general, flexible and effective is offered. The main reason for the association IDS with Honeypot consists in the supplementing nature of two technologies: IDS passively trace a network traffic for suspicious actions while Honeypot actively find and analyze intrusions. Opportunities of these two security aids are allowed to have balance between efficiency of resources safety and use. It is shown how to expand the offered approach of POMDP on the basis of nonlinear programming (NLP) to planning of DEC-POMDP.

Keywords: network security, network intrusion detection, DEC-POMDP, IDS, Honeypot, nonlinear programming

 Borysova, N.V. and Shabanova-Kushnarenko, L.V. (2017), “Hybrydnыe systemы bezopasnosty ynformatsyonnыkh y kommunykatsyonnыkh setei” [Hybrid security systems in information and transmission networks], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(151), pp. 103-108. https://doi.org/10.30748/soi.2017.151.14.