Method of evaluation of channel parameters with technology МІМО-SEFDM

 O. Zhuk, A. Shyshatskyi, Ye. Prokopenko, R. Zhyvotovskyi
UDK 621.391
Article language: english
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Annotation: In this article was developed method of estimating the channel state with using of hybrid information technology, based on a combination of two modern efficient data transmission technologies, namely MIMO technology and SEFDM technology,. This combination allows to increase a significant in the efficiency of using of radio frequency resources and increase the speed of transmission of information. However, to assess the state of the communication channel with using of the specified information technology, it is necessary to develop a method of evaluating channel parameters, because known estimation methods have a high computational complexity. This article is dedicated to the solution of this issue. The article analyzes the basic methods of assessing the state of communication channels that were used to develop the indicated method of assessing the state of the channel using the technology MIMOSEFDM. In the article were used methods of the theory of signals, the theory of noise immunity coding, the theory of probability, the theory of information, the theory of potential impedance, the theory of matrices, the theory of decision making, the theory of games, the theory of automatic control, methods of mathematical programming and methods of simulation modeling. The method of estimating the status of the channel using the MIMO-SEFDM technology presented in the article allows to reduce the computational complexity, increase the noise immunity, and also increase the efficiency of using the radio frequency resource of perspective radio communication systems. The results obtained in the article can be used in the design and development of special purpose radio systems operating in a complex radio-electronic environment and the shortage of available radio frequency resources.

Keywords: multiantenna systems, spectral-effective signals, computational complexity, channel characteristics
Zhuk, O.H., Shyshatskyi, A.V., Prokopenko, Ye.M. and Zhyvotovskyi, R.M. (2018), Method of evaluation of channel parameters with technology МІМО-SEFDM, Science and Technology of the Air Force of Ukraine, No. 1(30), pp. 86-91.

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