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An informational system for aerospace defense

D. Karlov, A. Jatsutsenko, M. Pichugin, O. Klimishen, Yu. Trofimenko, M. Bortsova
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Description: The paper considers the questions of developing an aerospace defense system. In view of appearance of new means for aerospace attacks and taking into account some natural factors that affect performance of radar systems automatic in terms of information the necessity of enhancing informational capabilities of future radar systems is substantiated. Essential functions of the aerospace defense complex are defined. General operational-tactical requirements to a future aerospace defense informational system are given. Basic recent technologies used for constructing informational systems intended for detection and estimation of parameters of radio-signals backscattered by various classes of aircrafts are discussed. Their classification in activepassive multi-positional radiolocation at developing the aerospace defense system with the usage of the enhanced air-defense tree-coordinate radars is provided. Principle requirements to the operation speed and degree of decision-making automation at complex usage of the system means are given. The algorithm for successive radio-signals energy detection based on Bayes likelihood ratio calculation and the algorithm for processing information in a multi-positional radar system are suggested. The results of modeling the dependence of conditional probability of determined radio-signal of prescribed duration and Gaussian noise total energy correct detection against signal-and-noise energies ratio, the dependence of decision threshold on signal duration and qualitative measures for the method of full target velocity vector derivation are presented. The received results could be used at developing advanced aerospace defense systems.

Keywords: radar system, decision-making automation, energy detection, parameters estimation, Bayes likelihood ratio, false alarm probability

 Karlov, D.V., Yatsutsenko, A.Ya., Pichuhin, M.F., Klimishen, O.O., Trofymenko, Yu.V. and Bortsova, M.V. (2018), “Informatsiina systema povitriano-kosmichnoho zakhystu” [An informational system for aerospace defense], Systems of Arms and Military Equipment, No. 1(53), pp. 129-136. https://doi.org/10.30748/soivt.2018.53.18.