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  5. Methodology of determination of parameters automatic exact synchronization of synchronous generators

Methodology of determination of parameters automatic exact synchronization of synchronous generators

B. Kononov, Y. Shcherbyna, A. Ushakov
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Description: Methodology of choice of initial parameters of automatic synchronization, in basis of that the fixed correlations for determination of failures of tension, that turn out at consideration of process of exact synchronization of synchronous generators with the use of equalizations Parka, is examined - Goreva. For determination of parameters to synchronization differential equalizations of equilibrium of voltage are used, writtenin in coordinates d – q for explicit pole of synchronous generators that except stator windings have winding of excitation and calming rotor winding. Equation of equilibrium are written down at first for currents, and in the future for flow coupling. Taking into account that the pulsatances of rotation differ one from other, in considerations equalizations coefficients at variables do not remain permanent, but depend on time and angular slip frequency that does equations nonlinear. Using the method of the put on the brakes coefficients it is succeeded to convert are considering nonlinear differential equalizations in linear differential equalizations with coefficients, that the periodic change in time. At further transformations these coefficients change the permanent constituent of their time-table in the row of Fourier. As a result of decision of considering equalizations of equilibrium of tension expressions are found for determination of dependence of projections of tension on the tires of the system during automatic exact synchronization from the initial corner of change after a phase between voltages, that included, and accordingly the got dependence of size of failure of tension during synchronization from the corner of change after a phase synchronous voltage. From this dependence the possible is found from the terms of providing of quality of electric energy angle of including. Examining equalization of relative motion of rotors of generators that is included, receipt maximum phase trajectories in coordinates "skidding-corner", that provide realization of successful exact synchronization with required quality of electric energy in the process of synchronization. The brought results over of calculations on determination of failures of voltages and constructions of zones of successful synchronization. The expounded recommendations are in relation to the choice of calculation office hours at determination of initial parameters of synchronization.

Keywords: parameters of synchronization, quality of electric energy, equalization Parka – Goreva

 Kononov, B.T., Shcherbyna, Yu.I. and Ushakov, A.S. (2018), “Metodyka vyznachennia parametriv avtomatychnoi tochnoi synkhronizatsii synkhronnykh heneratoriv” [Methodology of determination of parameters of automatic exact synchronization of synchronous generators], Systems of Arms and Military Equipment, No. 1(53), pp. 148-154. https://doi.org/10.30748/soivt.2018.53.21.