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  5. Comparative model of texts and their described objective situations conformity

Comparative model of texts and their described objective situations conformity

 Khudayr Tamer Abed, L. Shabanova-Kushnarenko
UDK 510.635
Article language: english
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Annotation: At the present time brain, as a tool of both intellectual activity and models implemented by it at solving functional objectives are poorly studied. This is brain activity automation (imitation) fundamental “brake component”. Further progress in the direction of “intelligent” information processing systems is impossible without solving a formal description problem of intelligent activity functional-purpose models and algorithm of their realization. Achievement of success in this field requires systematic, laborious work to create a problem-oriented methodological and tool base for solving the problem of formal description, i.e. intelligence activity identification model. One of the most important tasks of the intellect theory is to obtain subjective states formal description of a person which is enough full for practical purposes by objective physical methods. Functional aspect of human intelligence is very similar to a digital computer and is subjected to the same restrictions as any computer system. Both calculating machine and human intelligence are capable of information perceiving, transforming and formation. Human intelligence-operated information has the form of words in the role of texts, sounding speech, objects sensual images. The role of information entry in a human is performed by the sense organs, the role of information output – organs of motion and speech. These organs have finite sensitivity and final resolving power, that is why human can perceive signals (letters) only from a finite multiplicity (alphabet) in each moment of time. Organs of senses, movement and speech have a finite bandwidth, so they can transmit only a finite number of letters par unit of time to the intelligence and from it. In the intelligence theory a general method of human mental conditions objective physical study– comparative identification method is developed. In this work the comparator predicate structure is studied.

Keywords: intelligence theory, finite predicates algebra, comparator identification
Khudayr Tamer Abed, Shabanova-Kushnarenko, L.V. (2018), Comparative model of texts and their described objective situations conformity, Science and Technology of the Air Force of Ukraine, No. 2(31), pp. 131-136. https://doi.org/10.30748/nitps.2018.31.17.