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  5. Technology of creation of steelfibrobeton with high strength to stretchings

Technology of creation of steelfibrobeton with high strength to stretchings

S.S. Vandolovskyi, T.O. Kostyuk O.V. Rachkovskyi, I.A. Plakhotnikova
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Description: Fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) may be defined as a composite materials made with Portland cement, aggregate, and incorporating discrete discontinuous fibres. Steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) is a variety of dispersed-reinforced concrete with average concrete matrix which has very weak tensile strength Rbt. Reinforcing fibers-threads which are made of different materials (fiberglass, propylene and textile yarns) are added to the concrete matrix to increase Rbt. Substances of a more compact structure are arising in double electric ball zone (DEB).As a result of difference in charges of contact substances new physical and chemicalphenomenas appear in DEB zone. Research shows that a layer of neoplasmsthickness 5-10mc arises in the contact zone of steel fiber and cement. Microstrength of these substances is determined by the method of Vickers (HV). Strength of neoplasm substances around the fibers is higher in 2,24 times than the strength of cement stone inside the concrete. In this article you can see that the new positive quality of the concrete which is reinforced by steel fiber gave us an opportunity to create a principal new structure model of SFRC. The analyze of the developed model gives us an opportunity to identify the directions for technology decisions, which will provide SFRC tensile strength increase. These technology decisions are: increasing the contact zone between steel surface and cement stone by adding additional steel powder, maximum rapprochement of fibers between each other, accommodation of fibers in the direction of external forces. Use of the famous methodical approach «Directed structuring» gave us an opportunity (by technology problem solving) to get a technology of SFRC structure. This new SFRC structure has high tensile strength Rbtf = 56,2 MPa.

Keywords: steel fiber concrete, steel fiber, hardness, tensile strength, directed structuring

 Vandolovskyi, S.S., Kostiuk, T.O., Rachkovskyi, O.V. and Plakhotnikova, I.A. (2018), “Tekhnolohiia stvorennia stalefibrobetonu z pidvyshchenoiu mitsnistiu na roztiah” [Technology of creation of steelfibrobeton with high strength to stretchings], Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 2(56), pp. 126-131. https://doi.org/10.30748/zhups.2018.56.18.