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  5. Status and directions of development of mobile digital tropospheric communication systems

Status and directions of development of mobile digital tropospheric communication systems

V. Pochernyaev, V. Povkhlib
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Description: The article analyzes the shortcomings of the existing domestic mobile means of troposcatter communications, which are one of the most important components of the transport network of the military communication system. The aim of the article is to formulate ways to improve mobile digital troposcatter stations in Ukraine. An analysis of troposcatter stations, which are currently in service in Ukraine, is carried out. It is shown that the problem of the development of military systems of digital troposcatter communication must be solved in a complex manner. The variants of constructing mobile combined radio systems of the microwave range are presented on the example of a digital troposcatter-radiorelay station. These combined communication stations have a common control and monitoring system, a power supply system, and depending on the requirements of the customer, they may have a common microwave transmission path and a common frequency formation system. In Ukraine the directions of carrying out experimental-design projects for improving mobile means of troposcatter communication are formulated in three main areas: modernization of existing troposcatter stations, include creation of a set of means for multi-directional digital troposcatter communication (point-to-multipoint); development of combined microwave radio systems; a mobile minimize dimensions digital troposcatter stations. From this follow such promising scientific and technical trends in troposcatter communication: search for ways to create inheterogeneities (disturbances) in the troposphere under the influence of external radiation sources (artificial inheterogeneity); introduction and development of MIMO technology; creation of multipath antennas of various types and introduction of space-angular diversity reception in combination with frequency adaptation (frequency-diversity reception); improvement of "special measures" to combat intersymbol interference and rapid fading; implementation of the "point-to-multipoint" scheme in the troposcatter systems.

Keywords: military means of radio relay communication, mobile digital troposcatter-radiorelay station, transport communication network

 Pocherniaev, V.N. and Povkhleb, V.S. (2018), “Sostoianye y napravlenyia razvytyia mobylnыkh tsyfrovыkh troposfernыkh system sviazy” [Status and directions of development of mobile digital radiorelay systems], Systems of Arms and Military Equipment, No. 2(54), pp. 51-60. https://doi.org/10.30748/soivt.2018.54.07.