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  5. Information threats as the variety of military threats to the state

Information threats as the variety of military threats to the state

O. Levchenko, Y. Mikhieiev
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Description: The article deals with the concept and essence of the information threat to state security. Based on the analysis of the processes of annexation by the Russian Federation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and modern armed conflicts, the peculiarities of the manifestation of information threats and their development in the military sphere have been determined. Regulatory legal acts that determine possible information threats for Ukraine are considered. The analysis of spheres of society and state’s life activities which are vulnerable to information threats was carried out. In particular, the following areas are considered: foreign policy, state security, military, internal political, economic, social and humanitarian, scientific and technological, and environmental. The list of the main threats to information security of the state in the military sphere is specified. The role of information and psychological influence on the units’ military personnel as a way to reduce the level of the moral and psychological state and servicemen’s readiness to defend the state is considered. Examples of transformation information threats into military ones are given. Such a transformation is clearly visible during the preparatory phase of the hybrid war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. The main activities in this case were the organized comprehensive influence directed at the Ukrainian government. The purpose of this influence was to ensure that the Ukrainian leadership agreed to the terms of the Russian President, changed the foreign policy of the country to the pro-Russian one, and subsequently coordinated the national and international policies with the leadership of the Russian government. Possible ways of solving the problem of protecting the unit’s military personnel from information threats are presented. The necessity of creating a state system of ensuring information security is proved, what will prevent external information threats of Ukraine.

Keywords: information threat, military sphere, information impact, national security of the state, system of ensuring military security of the state

 Levchenko, O.V. and Mikhieiev, Yu.I. (2018), “Informatsiini zahrozy yak riznovyd voiennykh zahroz derzhavi” [Information threats as the variety of military threats to the state], Science and Technology of the Air Force of Ukraine, No. 3(32), pp. 14-19. https://doi.org/10.30748/nitps.2018.32.02.