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  5. Features of algorithm of the automated calculation of troposphere flow line

Features of algorithm of the automated calculation of troposphere flow line

A. Kulik, N. Rysakov, A. Kovtunov, S. Blaschuk, A. Voronin
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Description: The paper analyzes the features of construction and calculation of the tropospheric radio link in accordance with the existing methodology, and the possibility and expediency of automating such a calculation is justified. A block diagram of the algorithm for program and stage-by-stage path selection and calculation of the reliability of the tropospheric radio link connection is proposed. The algorithm of the first stage of calculation is proposed and is considered in detail - the calculation of the parameters for the mutual distribution of tropospheric stations (the distances between stations and their mutual azimuths), the height difference, the mean height and the closing angles (antennas of tropospheric stations, total and control) based on the electronic terrain, as well as the reserve of high-frequency level of the radio signal in the interval. The considered algorithm also allows: to perform calculations of multi-interval LTRS taking into account local geoclimatic conditions; to build a longitudinal profile of the terrain on the interval of the tropospheric radio link with the use of maps in the GIS "Panorama" formats and digital data in a binary format; take into account the characteristics and operating modes of the TRS, including all types of communication and diversity reception; to calculate radio links in terms of quality - reliability of communication; create and maintain a database. Using the algorithm of automation of planning tropospheric radio links proposed by the authors on the basis of engineering analysis and modern modeling methods, it was possible to create an information and calculation task for automated calculations of qualitative indicators of the projected intervals of tropospheric radio links. The transition to the bodies entrusted with the task of planning the deployment of tropospheric radio links from the "manual" method of planning to carrying out calculations, the development of planning and administrative documents for the use of communication units using special software and software will increase the accuracy of calculations and achieve a significant reduction in time.

Keywords: algorithm, tropospheric radio link, tropospheric station, electronic terrain, angle of closure, reliability of communication

 Kulyk, O.P., Rysakov, M.D., Kovtunov, A.L., Blashchuk, S.M. and Voronin, O.I. (2018), “Osoblyvosti alhorytmu avtomatyzovanoho rozrakhunku linii troposfernoho radiozviazku” [Features of algorithm of the automated calculation of troposphere flow line], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 3(154), pp. 39-45. https://doi.org/10.30748/soi.2018.154.06.