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  5. Using sprite animation in web editions

Using sprite animation in web editions

I. Iegorova, V. Samokish
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Description: One of the most important indicators, influencing popularity of web editions, is loading speed. Animation has the most significant volume comparing to the rest of content, and so, the biggest influence on loading speed of a page. Hence, animation should be treated as one of the most essential factors, which determines loading speed of web edition. Choice of language means of implementation and view formats of animation depends on chosen usage sphere and type of animation. One of the most widespread types of animation nowadays is sprite animation, which was chosen as a research subject. Raster image is often considered as a sprite. Optimizing such image, you can achieve graphics size reducing, and so, speeding up the loading speed of a web page. Aim of this work is research for dependency of graphic files size on method for assembling images into the sprite. For implementation of the experiment 20 sets of images with characters animation were taken each of which had 12 images. All images possess the following characteristics: png format, 150x150 px resolution, transparent background. Each set is transformed into groups with 4, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12 images, which are then collected into a sprite with different quantity of rows and columns. Sprite is then saved as a png file without background. Size of each sprite is added into a table, where it’s compared against total size of images before assembling into the sprite. Conducted research showed dependency of graphic file size on method for assembling images into the sprite. Stated, that size of the sprite will be smaller than total size of images before assembling into sprite regardless of quantity of rows and columns it was divided into. Analysis of obtained data attests that file size is reducing with reducing of rows number with equal images quantity. Hence, placing images into a single row allows to reduce the size of sprites file, which ultimately leads to reducing of loading time of web edition.

Keywords: web edition loading speed, sprites, animation

 Ehorova, Y.N. and Samokysh, V.V. (2018), “Ob yspolzovanyy spraitovoi anymatsyy v veb-yzdanyiakh” [Using sprite animation in web editions], Information Processing Systems, Vol. 3(154), pp. 100-104. https://doi.org/10.30748/soi.2018.154.13.