Creating a database of existing weapon system

 V. Voinov, H. Kachurovskyi, A. Shevchenko, O. Hurin
UDK 623.483
Article language: english
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Annotation: The operation of complex technical product throughout its life-cycle costs two or more times higher than the actual cost. In addition, the operation of complex technical products such as ships, aircrafts, radars and air defense systems is impossible without the support of the enterprise - the manufacturer or a specialized service representative. From point of view of Ukraine's integration into the NATO technological, technical and defense structures, it requires a revision of maintenance systems and their adaptation to the standards, which occurs in Western countries. One of the problems to be solved on the way of Ukrainian Army integration into the Western defense structures is creation of Integrated Weapon System Data Base. The database, in turn, consists of interactive electronic technical publications created by the developer of the weapon type (contractor) and of the logistics support analysis records, which, as a rule, are created automatically. It means, that interactive repair and operational documents are, in fact, a canvas, which is filled with data units (technical publications) created by the weapon type manufacturer and corrected by modules of logistic support analysis data, which are formed on the basis of live experience gained in specific operating conditions.

Keywords: Continuous Acquisition and Life Cycle Support (CALS), integrated logistic support (ILS), logistic support analysis (LSA), integrated weapon system data base (IWSDB)
Voinov, V.V., Kachurovskyi, H.M., Shevchenko, A.F. and Hurin, O.M. (2018), Creating a database of existing weapon system, Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 3(57), pp. 38-42.