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  5. Uncertainty estimation while proceeding multi-parameter eddy current testing

Uncertainty estimation while proceeding multi-parameter eddy current testing

 B. Horkunov, S. Lvov, Ye. Borysenko
Системи обробки інформації. — 2018. — № 4(155). С. 92-97.
UDK 620.179.14
Article language: english
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Annotation: The article deals with the problem of non-destructive testing of metal products and shows the advantage of the multiparameter eddy current method, which allows, to determine the conductivity and magnetic permeability of tested object in addition to defects detection. The design and operation description of an eddy-current transducer using spatially periodic decomposition of the electromagnetic field is presented. A mathematical apparatus that allows the inverse task solation, namely to determine the parameters of the object being tested is described. A graph-analytical method for estimating the standard uncertainty of determining the parameters of a controlled object is presented, and its use is justified.

Keywords: nondestructive multi-parameter eddy-current testing, spatially-periodic decomposition of electromagnetic field


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