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  5. Method of eliminating unnecessary and erroneous information in control algorithms at air defense command posts of ground forces

Method of eliminating unnecessary and erroneous information in control algorithms at air defense command posts of ground forces

S. Kovalenko, V. Kutsenko, S. Kravchenko
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Description: The useful information which enters from radar stations of all group of air defense of ground forces needs to be processed on control center. Decision-making by the commander of the corresponding control link demands time for processing of this information and carrying out optimum operations. The flow of the entering information very big, at the same time information can come to a control loop as it is serial, and in parallel. Therefore automation of processing and distribution of information in a control loop of an air defense system of ground forces is necessary. The purpose of article is development of an advanced method of the automated information processing of the bound to quality of information and an exception of mistakes in processing, excess and improbable information on control center of air defense of ground forces at simultaneous receipts parallel and serial flows of information for increase in overall performance of all control loop. In article improvement of an algorithm of the automated information processing is carried out having excluded excess time for processing of false information which treated on control center necessary earlier. Thus the offered mathematical model approach on improvement of a method of the automated information processing can be used and introduced on control centers by means of air defense of different level of hierarchy of new generation. Such method will allow to increase efficiency of work of structure of channels of the automated control system on simultaneous information processing which will enter on control centers, both in parallel, and is serial. Use of the advanced automated information processing will allow to reduce time for information processing and for decision-making by the commander of the corresponding link on distribution of the purposes between divisions of air defense of ground forces. It will lead to increase in effectiveness of all control loop

Keywords: automated information processing, control point, distribution of air targets, control loop, matrix theory, mass service theory


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