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  5. Approach to shaping kriter device of the estimation to efficiency of the mixed groups piloted and unmanned aviation

Approach to shaping kriter device of the estimation to efficiency of the mixed groups piloted and unmanned aviation

I. Klushnikov, V. Nerubatsky, A. Shalyhin
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Description: The subject of research is the evaluation of the effectiveness of aviation. The aim of the work is to determine a system of in-dicators and criteria for assessing the effectiveness of the use of mixed groups of piloted and unmanned aircraft. The article shows that an aviation group consisting of manned and unmanned aircraft is essentially a combat system that is designed to con-duct armed combat. The set of mathematical expectations of the number of enemy assets that will be destroyed during the per-formance of combat missions, and their means that can be destroyed, satisfy the basic requirements for the performance indica-tors of combat systems. The totality of these indicators reveals in detail the process of conducting and the results of the armed struggle, but does not allow the selection of the most acceptable options for the application or construction of a combat system. In this regard, it is advisable to combine (collapse) private indicators in the generalized indicators of causing losses to the enemy and their losses. For convolution, weight factors of the opponent’s own funds and assets are used. These weighting factors can have different meanings, which depend on the purpose of the application of the mixed aviation group. They can display the cost of funds, or the operational-tactical importance when completing a mission, or the value of a critical resource for continuing an armed struggle. The article defines a methodological approach to the formation of a system of indicators and criteria for assess-ing the effectiveness of mixed groups of piloted and unmanned aircraft based on the application of the general laws of armed struggle. The indicated system of indicators and criteria can be used to solve the problem of choosing appropriate options for the combined use of units (units) of manned and unmanned aircraft and to select appropriate options (alternatives) for creating a mixed group of units (units) of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Keywords: grouping of piloted and unmanned aircraft, performance indicators and criteria for assessing effectiveness, warfare, joint use, selection of preferred options (alternatives).


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