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  5. Analysis and prospects for the development of technical means of the contractual sniper fight

Analysis and prospects for the development of technical means of the contractual sniper fight

O. Tantsiura, Yа. Kozhushko, V. Radetckiy, O. Shevchuk
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Description: The article is devoted to determining the basic methods for identifying sniper fire positions. The main advantages and disadvantages of methods for determining sniper positions are presented. The main technical solutions of world leaders in the development of counter-sniper systems are presented. Short technical characteristics of the considered counter sniper systems are presented. The presented directions of modernization of existing technical means of detecting sniper fire. Certain main directions of the development of counter sniper combat systems. World combat experience shows that only a handful of well-trained and equipped snipers, in some cases, can play a decisive role as a result of combat or operation. In the case of active snipers the issue of ensuring the early detection of sniper threat is very acute, and the development and purchase of technical equipment is an important direction in the development of the аrmed forces. There are several approaches to the implementation of countersniper combat techniques. However, each approach faces a number of complex technical challenges in its implementation. The success of solving the complexity of the technical implementation of counter-sniper devices and depends on the technical capabilities to detect and prevent sniper attacks. The purpose of the article is to review the methods of detecting sniper positions with the analysis of technical means of counter-sniper combat, which implement these methods, and trends of their further development. The basic methods of sniper position detection are considered, their advantages and disadvantages are determined. Yes, laser methods and thermal imaging methods provide greater range and accuracy of detection, but their technical implementation has a much higher cost compared to the soundometer method. The analysis of the systems of counter-sniper fight of the leading countries of the world is carried out. Brief technical characteristics of such systems are given. The directions of development of systems of counter-snipe struggle are determined.

Keywords: counter sniper fighting, detection methods, laser location, thermal imaging method, soundometric method


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