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  5. Adaptive color correction method of stereopair web cameras and its practical implementation

Adaptive color correction method of stereopair web cameras and its practical implementation

 K. Derhachov, L. Krasnov, O. Cheliadin, O. Plakhotnyi
Системи обробки інформації. — 2019. — № 4(159). С. 16-27.
UDK 004.932 DOI: 10.30748/soi.2019.159.02
Article language: english
Annotations languages:

Annotation: Subject of study. The article proposes a new adaptive method for color correction of web-cameras in stereo vision systems to improve the quality of their work. The goal is a comparative analysis of the quality indicators of the known color correction methods for stereo pair cameras, and the development of a new adaptive method and working algorithms for the joint procedure for color correction and rectification of the video stream frames of the left and right cameras. Tasks: Conduct a theoretical analysis of the quality indicators of known methods and color correction algorithms, develop adequate criteria for assessing the quality of their work, suggest new methods and working algorithms for their implementation. Carry out experimental studies of these algorithms. Assess the performance of the stereo system in the laboratory, and verify the reliability of the results by statistical analysis methods. Methods used: Comparative analysis of known methods and algorithms by statistical modeling, synthesis of new algorithms and evaluation of their performance through laboratory tests. The results: a comparative analysis of the known methods effectiveness of stereo cameras color correction was carried out, a new, more effective adaptive method for solving this problem was proposed. Findings. Scientific novelty of the results: a new method for correcting the color balance of web cameras used in stereoscopic vision systems has been created, which is highly accurate in color correction.

Keywords: Stereoscopic vision systems; color correction of the web-cameras stereo system video stream images; joint rectification and color balance of the left and right cameras


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Derhachov, K.Yu., Krasnov, L.O., Cheliadin, O.O. and Plakhotnyi, O.V. (2019), Adaptive color correction method of stereopair web cameras and its practical implementation, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 4(159), pp. 16-27. https://doi.org/10.30748/soi.2019.159.02.