Of ground forces of soviet period

S.U. Polakov , V.M. Lenkin, A.I. Shkuropatsky
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Description: In the article examine questions of development of tanks are in overdivide, soldiery and post-war years, basic stages of development of tanks of soviet period. The short analysis of development of construction of home tanks of period of Great Patriotic war is conducted by comparison to the tanks of opponent, and also post-war soviet tanks to disintegration of Soviet Union, a role and value of the Ukrainian designers of tanks and tankbuilder are shown in development of tank.

Keywords: tank, crew, armoured defence, dynamic defence, engine, transmission, supply of motion, fire power, caliber, allowance of ammunition, control system by a fire, stabilizator of cannon, laser measuring device of distance, mechanism of loading, anti-tank rocket complex

 Poliakov, S.Yu., Lenkin, V.M. and Shkuropatskyi, O.I. (2012), “Holovna udarna syla sukhoputnykh viisk radianskoho periodu”, Systems of Arms and Military Equipment, No. 2(30), pp. 2-12.