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Logistic model autotechnical software military parts

A.S. Androschuk, V.N. Melenchuk
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Description: Logistic models are presented autotechnical provide military units projected development, planning and operation. Three groups of models: determined optimal, probabilistic and knowledge-based. Application of knowledge-based models allows you to: use of both quantitative and qualitative indicators; accounting inaccurate approximate information; the use of expert knowledge, which are represented in the form of fuzzy rules. The proposed approach requires the development of methodological support of project and program management for the construction of logistics systems for military vehicles.

Keywords: model, autotechnical software, project management, automated information systems

 Androshchuk, O.S. and Melenchuk, V.M. (2014), “Lohistychni modeli avtotekhnichnoho zabezpechennia viiskovykh chastyn”, Systems of Arms and Military Equipment, No. 3(39), pp. 3-6.