Fire defence of the reserved machines

О.V. Stakhovskiy, V.V. Glebov, V.I. Panimatka, Yu.S. Litvinov
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Description: In the articles considered of question: estimations of influencing of chladones are during a fire on the organism of man; time of decline of fire risk concentration is expected from steam fuels; possibility of the use of suds is proved at fire fighting.

Keywords: facilities fire fighting, chladones, toxicness

 Stakhovskyi, O.V., Hlebov, V.V., Panymatka, V.Y. and Lytvynov, Yu.S. (2014), “Pozharnaia zashchyta bronyrovannыkh mashyn”, Systems of Arms and Military Equipment, No. 3(39), pp. 64-67.