Device portable unit radiation monitoring system

V.M. Iemets, Yu.V. Sheveleva, N.M. Pelikhaty
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Description: A new approach to environmental monitoring of atmospheric air, which can improve performance and reliability as a means of control, and the data measuring the concentration of air pollutants, including background radiation-controlled territory. This article describes the primary processing unit (PPU) of the information included in the automated radiation monitoring system (ARMS). PPU can work offline for a long time to recharge the battery.

Keywords: background radiation controlled area, the primary processing unit, ecological condition

 Emets, V.M., Sheveleva, Yu.V. and Pelykhatыi, N.M. (2014), “Ustroistvo perenosnoho bloka systemы kontrolia radyatsyonnoi obstanovky” [Device portable unit radiation monitoring system], Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 2(39), pp. 227-229.