Fussy sets on decision-making system

V.I. Tkachenko , E.B. Smirnov, A.V.Tristan
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Description: The problems of decision-making processes in military affair are considered. The analysis of using theory of fuzzy sets in decision-making system is carried out. The example of decision of task of lowering of influencing of vagueness of situation is resulted, to unclearness of information for recognition of project of actions of facilities of air attack. The noted approach to formalization of processes of estimation of situation will allow to recognize the project of actions of facilities of air attack, foresee with the proper degree of authenticity a purpose and strategy of battle actions and to make decision in relation to the conduct of air defense.

Keywords: troops, dynamic importance of aims and objects, facilities of air attack, information, unclear plurals, object of protection, decision-making, prognosis, air defense, process, recognition, management troops

 Tkachenko, V.I., Smirnov, Ye.B. and Trystan, A.V. (2008), “Nechitki mnozhyny u protsesakh pryiniattia rishennia”, Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 1(16), pp. 3-8.