Array of megaphone emitters

N.I. Naumenko, S.М. Poroshin, V.B. Bakhvalov
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Description: The construction of array is offered with a large aperture and comparatively small thickness from the small megaphone emitters of microwave range. The small thickness of aerial is well-to-do due to the special system of excitation of megaphones on the basis of the use of thin cylindrical resonator and скруток of rectangular waveguides. Suggestion can be utillized in the cases when it is required to place an array as a layer of acceptable (small) thickness on the surface of flying, space (or other) vehicle.

Keywords: array of megaphone emitters, скрутки of rectangular waveguides

 Naumenko, M.I., Poroshyn, S.M. and Bakhvalov, V.B. (2008), “Antennaia reshetka rupornыkh yzluchatelei”, Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 1(16), pp. 47-.