Classification of plans of multifactor experiment

N.D. Koshevoy, A.V. Pavlik, V.P. Siroklyn
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Description: The types of equivalence of plans of multifactor experiment are considered. The method of classification of plans of multifactor experiment is offered on the basis of SР-transformations, in which principles of standardization and typification, are used rational reduction of processes of the identical functional setting and development of decisions of models, general for the row of processes elements or descriptions are reflected in which. The estimations of amount of model structures of plans and description of classes of equivalence are got. The examples of catalogues of model structures are resulted.

Keywords: multifactor experiment, SР-transformations, combinatorial charts, standardization, typification

 Koshevoi, N.D., Pavlyk, A.V. and Syroklыn, V.P. (2008), “Klassyfykatsyia planov mnohofaktornoho эksperymenta”, Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 1(16), pp. 65-67.