Manners and matter of aair force application

M.A. Avdeev
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Description: On the basis of consideration of questions of Air force application, from the point of dialectics view, concepts formulas "manner" and "matter" are offered as it applies to Air Force application. It is suggested to consider "elementary" actions the table of contents of application, such as aviation strikes, air and anti-aircraft combats, special battle flights, maneuvers. By the forms of application, i.e. by the method of organization of aggregate of these elementary actions, it is suggested to count operations and battle actions.

Keywords: battle application, form, content, "elementary" actions, operation

 Avdieiev, M.O. (2009), “Formy ta zmist zastosuvannia povitrianykh syl”, Science and Technology of the Air Force of Ukraine, No. 2(2), pp. 38-40.