Decision-making under risk

О.M. Alekseev, G.F. Argunov, D.G. Babeychuk, D.O. Legerda
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Description: Constant determination of possible occurrence of aviation accidents in civil aviation is an essential element connected with preventative measures and provision of proper level of service. Decision concerning preventative measures of aviation accidents and incidents is always susceptible to a risk of stochastic or non-stochastic nature. Risk is peculiar to all kinds of activities, that’s why, important thing for today is analysis and estimation of risk. Analysis of risk estimation approaches gives the possibility to establish standards of acceptable risk. Currently existing classic criteria for determination of efficiency of decisions, such as Wald criterion, in the conditions of complete unawareness allows to obtain practically acceptable results

Keywords: safety of flight, risk factors, decision-making and its effects/defects, prevention of aviation accidents and incidents

 Alieksieiev, O.M., Arhunov, H.F. and Babeichuk, D.H. (2013), “Pryiniattia rishennia v umovakh ryzyku”, Science and Technology of the Air Force of Ukraine, No. 3(12), pp. 192-197.