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  4. 5(72)'2008
  5. Modular optimization-memory based artificial neural network

Modular optimization-memory based artificial neural network

 L. Avdiyenko, Y. Bodyanskiy
Системи обробки інформації. — 2008. — № 5(72). С. 19-21.
UDK 004.032.26
Article language: english
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Annotation: In this article an architecture and learning algorithm for the modular neural network, where the hidden layer is formed by a general regression and radial basis function neural networks, have been proposed. These networks are parallel connected to the input layer and trained independently, following which the optimization with respect to the network output accuracy is performed. Formed by neural network models based on memory and optimization, the proposed modular neural network provides a high accuracy both in early learning stages and when data set could grow in real time.

Keywords: radial basis function network, general regression neural network, optimization-based neural network, memory-based neural network, modular neural network
Information about the authors of publication:
Avdiyenko, L. and Bodyanskiy, Y.V. (2008), Modular optimization-memory based artificial neural network, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(72), pp. 19-21.