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  4. 6(80)'2009
  5. Polarization characteristics of antennas with rendom origin

Polarization characteristics of antennas with rendom origin

L.G. Kornienko
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Description: Illustrated by the biorthogonal radiating element with random phase errors at driving points a procedure of application of a partially coherent waves apparatus aimed at the statistical theory of antennas is analyzed. The characteristics of partially polarized field radiated by an antenna in different directions are researched. The connection of a degree of polarization and polarization parameters of antennas with current fluctuation is determined.

Keywords: random errors of phases, dispersion, coefficient of correlation, polarization, matrix of coherentness, biorthogonal emitter, degree of polarization, partly polarized wave, polarization description

 Korniienko, L.H. (2009), “Poliaryzatsiini kharakterystyky anten z vypadkovymy dzherelamy”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 6(80), pp. 57-60.