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  4. 6(80)'2009
  5. Neuronet method of recognition of emotions koncept

Neuronet method of recognition of emotions koncept

J.Y. Shamaeva, A.A. Podorognyak
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Description: Approach is considered to using of neuronet technologies for the decision of tasks of arising up in the process of recognition of koncepts emotions in text and verbal information. It is suggested for a selection the emotional saturation of speech and text to use three-layered straight-directed neuronet with the radial functions of excitation, allowing to realize recognition in the mode of the real time. The results of design of work of the offered method are presented.

Keywords: emotional koncept, neuronet, recognition of language, recognition of text

 Shamaeva, Yu.Yu. and Podorozhniak, A.A. (2009), “Neirosetevoi metod raspoznavanyia kontseptov эmotsyi”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 6(80), pp. 130-133.