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  4. 6(80)'2009
  5. Principle of uncertainty in modern scientific investigations

Principle of uncertainty in modern scientific investigations

M.O. Gushchyna, E.V. Shishkevich
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Description: Based on the analysis of existing approaches to application of uncertainty principle in measurement results estimation the authors make a conclusion about the necessity of observability ultimate limitations accounting during experiment conducting based upon objective physical pattern. The conclusion is made about the optimization of a measurements quantity and their accuracy. It is necessary to take into account the energy balance in an investigated system during the monitoring mechanism design process. The reason is that entropy accumulation can have a positive and negative effect under different circumstances.

Keywords: measurement, monitoring, entropy, uncertainty, system, energy

 Hushchyna, M.O. and Shyshkevych, E.V. (2009), “Pryntsyp neopredelennosty v sovremennыkh nauchnыkh yssledovanyiakh”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 6(80), pp. 159-161.