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  4. 6(80)'2009
  5. Formalizing describe of information model of business-process

Formalizing describe of information model of business-process

M.V. Evlanov, E.V. Korneeva
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Description: Formalize presentation of informative model of business-process, based on conception of depositories of information is considered. On the basis of theoretical-plural models, describing relational databases, models, describing the elements of depository of information, created in реляционных and object-relational database, are developed. The basic terms of existence of depository of information, built on the basis of the offered формализованного description are certain.

Keywords: monitoring of business-process, depository of information, table of facts, connection «one – to to to many», component primary cursor

 Evlanov, M.V. and Korneeva, E.V. (2009), “Formalyzovannoe opysanye ynformatsyonnoi modely byznes-protsessa”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 6(80), pp. 167-171.