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  4. 6(80)'2009
  5. Electrogastrography as a diagnostic tool for ulcerous illness

Electrogastrography as a diagnostic tool for ulcerous illness

S.V. Shtyk, E.V. Kryvorotko, V.V. Bulaga, S.B. Peev
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Description: The purpose of this research is to study reliability of electrogastrography (EGG) as a diagnostic tool for ulcerous illness at the use of method of joint approximate diagonalization of eigen-matrices (blind signal separation (BSS)) for the preprocessing of signals of two-channel EGG. The analysis of results of calculations of indexes of bradygastria, normogastria, tachygastria and arrhythmia of 24 patients, carrying intensifying of ulcerous illness, attended with the internal bleeding and being on the stationary stage of rehabilitation, and 20 volunteers of control group is conducted. A conclusion is done that the preprocessing of EGG signal promotes reliability of dysrhythmia diagnostics of ulcerous illness.

Keywords: electrogastrography, blind division of signals, spectral analysis, gastroelectric activity, autoregressive analysis, bradygastric, standardgastric, tachigastric, arrhythmia

 Shtyk, S.V., Kryvorotko, I.V., Bulaha, V.V. and Pieiev, S.B. (2009), “Elektrohastrohrafiia v diahnostytsi vyrazkovoi khvoroby”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 6(80), pp. 215-217.