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  4. 8(89)'2010
  5. Increase of fast-acting of spectrometry system

Increase of fast-acting of spectrometry system

L.R. Bekirova
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Description: The ways of increase of fast-acting and authenticity of the subsatellite systems, used for research of surface objects, estimation of natural resources and control of the ecological state of environment are explored. The vehicle and programmatic providing of the measurings systems of spectrometrys and methods is described measurings, allowing to provide an increase fast-acting of measurings and authenticity of the got results.

Keywords: remote sensing, systems of spectrometrys, fast-acting, coefficient of spectral brightness, authenticity of information

 Bekyrova, L.R. (2010), “Povыshenye bыstrodeistvyia spektrometrycheskoi systemы”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 8(89), pp. 9-13.