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  4. 8(89)'2010
  5. The type 2 fuzzy sets. Terminology and representations

The type 2 fuzzy sets. Terminology and representations

S.A. Olizarenko, E.V. Brezhnev, A.V. Perepelitca
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Description: This paper represents the analysis of known approaches for determining and representing of type-2 fuzzy sets to establish the solid conceptual framework and their types of representation. The terminology and representations of the type-2 fuzzy sets considered are the basis for deep insight into their nature and the following representations, consideration and investigation of the fundamental operations on the 2-type fuzzy sets.

Keywords: the type-2 fuzzy set, fuzzy membership function, footprint of uncertainty

 Olyzarenko, S.A., Brezhnev, E.V. and Perepelytsa, A.V. (2010), “Nechetkye mnozhestva typa 2. Termynolohyia y predstavlenye”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 8(89), pp. 131-140.