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  4. 5(95)'2011
  5. Compromise data model in service-oriented information system

Compromise data model in service-oriented information system

M.V. Evlanov, V.A. Nikityuk
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Description: We consider the task of developing a model which is based on the mathematical formalism of combinatorial topology. Сombinatorial topology allows you to identify data structures that are weakly dependent on each other in a single data space, to investigate the interactions of individual data structures. The proposed model can be implemented within developed information technology for data integration processes in service-oriented information systems.

Keywords: service, information technology, service-oriented architecture, integration of information systems, combinatorial topology, the simplex

 Evlanov, M.V. and Nykytiuk, V.A. (2011), “Kompromyssnaia model dannыkh v servys-oryentyrovannoi ynformatsyonnoi systeme”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(95), pp. 185-192.