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Database development information system glaucoma

O.V. Visotskaja, I.J. Panferova, A.N. Strashnenko, S.A. Sinenko, Y.A. Demin
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Description: This article highlights the developing a database information systems diagnostics of glaucoma, which is designed for storage and processing of diagnostic information in determining the glaucomatous process using automation tools, as well as support for patient monitoring. Developed a physical model of the scheme of the data - based relational database SQLite, not using a client-server paradigm, which allows a protocol to use function calls (API) library SQLite. This approach reduces overhead, response time and simplifies the program.

Keywords: a database, diagnostics, model of the scheme of the data

 Vыsotskaia, E.V., Panferova, Y.Yu., Strashnenko, A.N., Synenko, S.A. and Demyn, Yu.A. (2011), “Razrabotka bazы dannыkh ynformatsyonnoi systemы dyahnostyky hlaukomы”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(95), pp. 234-239.