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  4. 5(95)'2011
  5. Research of service-oriented business process models

Research of service-oriented business process models

S.F. Chalyi, D.O. Voloshin, O.P. Kyrochka
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Description: The article considers the problem of integrating web-services and business processes. The model of business processes with variable structure to the process approach in service-oriented environment adapted. The approach to the implementation of this model by means of BPEL.

Keywords: business process modeling, web-service, service-oriented model

 Chalыi, S.F., Voloshyn, D.A. and Kurochka, E.P. (2011), “Yssledovanye servys-oryentyrovannыkh modelei byznes-protsessov”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 5(95), pp. 254-257.