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  5. Fuzzy model of test analysis and design

Fuzzy model of test analysis and design

O.Yu. Sokolov, M. Wagenknecht, O.G. Molchanova, A. Mreła
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Description: The problem of forming a test from item bank based on the specification of tasks that represent collections of items of knowledge is considered. The problem is relevant for large banks of test items, such as national systems of assessment. The model of formation of the item bank in the form of fuzzy relations and solving the inverse problem in the relationship is proposed. We give also illustrative examples. The proposed approach of analysis and the formation of tests based on fuzzy relations open up prospects for the automation of test generation based on the matrix elements of knowledge regarding the relationship of item bank.

Keywords: test theory, fuzzy relation, item bank, the analysis of knowledge

 Sokolov, A.Yu., Vahenknekht, M., Molchanova, O.H. and Mreva, A. (2012), “Nechetkaia model analyza y formyrovanyia testa”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 2(100), pp. 139-144.