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  4. 4(102)'2012
  5. Safety standards for operating systems

Safety standards for operating systems

M.V. Tsuranov, O.V. Slipchenko
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Description: The article deals with foreign operating systems security ISO / IEC 15408, ISO / IEC 17799:2002 (BS 7799:2000) and the German standard of BSI, a comparative assessment of the effectiveness of their use.

Keywords: system of international certification standards for safety of operating systems, operating system, the threat model, a model offender, ISO / IEC 15408, BSI

 Tsuranov, M.V. and Slypchenko, A.V. (2012), “Standartы bezopasnosty operatsyonnыkh system”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 4(102), pp. 78-81.